01.10.16 - 20th Kool Click Anniversary

Party | Hip-Hop

20th Kool Click Anni­ver­sary

Jeru the Damaja (NYC), EKR (ZH)

Kool click was founded in 1996 in a youth center in the canton Aargau. They all had the same vision, to be able to do shows and battles together. From that moment we had many battles and did many shows all around the globe. Our main influence came from New York City but also from legendary BBoys from Europe. The Prime Time of our KC shows and Battles were happening around 2000 in Switzerland at well known places such as the Dynamo in Zurich, Battle of the Year (Kloten) or Juko Pavillon in Sarnen. Kool click was and is still famous for their original B-Boying and their Brooklyn Rocking. In the meantime most of the members focused more on playing music in bars and little clubs and is still using original records on vinyl. We can be found all around Zurich and its neighborhoods playing good old Funk, Disco, Soul and Rap sets. As we approach our 20th Anniversary of the Kool Click Foundation we will celebrate HipHop in the purest form with Writers, Mc’s, DJ’s and Bboys/Bgirls!

Stay tuned for more news and surprises…